13 April 2016

How to ship your damaged hard drive

Hard drives are extremely delicate and any damage occurring during transportation can make data recovery more difficult.

It’s easy to protect your drive – please follow these tips:

  • If you have an anti-static bag, place the drive inside and wrap in bubble wrap. If not, bubble wrap on its own will do.
  • Place your bubble-wrapped drive in a box that has enough room for both it and a reasonable amount of packing material all around the drive that would absorb any impacts. Polystyrene chips, scrunched-up newspaper, more bubble wrap…are all perfect.
  • If the damaged drive can move around inside its packaging, it is not ready to ship. Add some more packaging material.

More tips to protect your data

  • Make sure you include a printed copy of your free evaluation email in the box. Without this, we won’t know it’s yours!
  • Consider getting insurance on any hardware that has significant value. You’ll need to arrange your own transportation to exercise this option.